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Station 19 4x8

A 4x8 layout really does not have enough space for a proper elevation. That said, LION has indeed designed a SUBWAY layout for a 4x8 form factor. Remeber that subway stations are 4' long (if you use a six car train). Well on a 4x8 I'd have to use a 4 car train which is how the equipment is sold anyway.

Station 19 4x8

On an upper level the train leaves the terminal station across a double crossover swithc and begind its decent. on the opposite side of the table is a subway station which nonetheless is still 2" above the table surface. The next half turn gets you down to the 0" level directly under your terminal. You can either build another terminal, or I wouldl suggest a return loop back to the middle station. You could keep three trains moving at once on such a layout just by controlling the interlocking plant at your termijnal

Actually, my design does go up and down. Go back to the middle station on the 2" level. NOW if you like, you can call that the 0" level, and it goes to a -2" level under the terminal; and to a +2' Level at the terminal.

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