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Should You Buy A Chromebook PORTABLE

One of the top reasons you should choose ChromeOS is its consistent level of security. As proudly announced by Google, Chromebooks are devices that have never been hit with ransomware. This is saying a lot about the operating system, but let us further this subsection and discuss how secure Chromebooks are.

should you buy a chromebook

The arrival of USB-C and USB-C laptop chargers has been a game-changer for many electronics. You can use the connection to charge devices and transfer media, and it's conveniently reversible. The best laptops no longer need a big power brick -- you can just use USB-C. But there are some precautions you should take when charging over USB-C. Here's everything you need to know.USB charging and laptops

I like my Samsung Chromebook, but it looks like not many people fell in love with these Chrome OS powered netbooks. So, Acer and Samsung have reduced their price from a high of $499 to $299 and Google started banging the advertising drum for Chromebooks. So, should you let the new price tempt you into getting one?

Also worth noting with Chromebooks is that they've got pretty good battery life. Generally speaking, you should be able to use your device for just under 10 hours before needing to plug in your charger.

MacBooks are renowned for their high levels of quality, and you'd expect nothing less with such a hefty price tag. You shouldn't run into performance issues for the most part, while Apple also does an excellent job at protecting its devices from malware.

If used properly, a MacBook should last you a long time. You certainly shouldn't have to replace your device before five years, and it could last eight or more if you're really caring. You'll generally get macOS updates for a while, but due to security reasons and more, it's wise to consider upgrading once these stop.

Depending on the age of your children, a Chromebook might fit all their needs. For teenagers in the later years of high school, you should discuss what programs they need to use to decide if a Chromebook will work. If they are editing videos or using certain applications, you may need to spend more money to buy a Windows laptop or a Macbook.

Chromebooks have become serious laptop replacements, especially in the low-end market. They start as low as $200 to $250 and can go well over $1,000 for the more premium models. Given that price range, buying one can be a little confusing. The ultimate question is, how much should you spend on a Chromebook? This guide breaks down the different ranges of these devices and who should buy them.

Beware of relying on any piece of software, even your operating system, to protect you in all circumstances. A computer is only as smart as its user. And as a smart user, what are some strategies you should keep in mind to protect your Chromebook? The following suggestions will keep your Chromebook from succumbing to adware, ransomware, spyware, or any other kind of malware you might encounter.

i got it up and running but it is very laggy, i could buy the full mode to see if it works, but i am scared that i just wasted 30 dollars on a game that is very laggy. my chromebook is also fully up to date ands i tired everything i could to get it to stop being laggy.

It is very immature to respond in this matter. Beebom was meant to support the community on even the most bizarre problems. Diego, I suggest trying a Linux distro on another computer. I suggest Xubuntu 20.10. You need to learn Linux however. This is why age restrictions should be applied to forums.

With that said, keep in mind that some models run longer on a single charge than others. Besides, you should still be conscious about your power consumption and close unneeded apps, keep the screen brightness low, and lock the screen when inactive to save battery charge.

However, if you want such a system specifically because you travel a lot, you should be careful when shopping. Some Chromebooks are lighter and smaller than others, and some other models have larger and longer-running batteries. Read reviews and have a good look at specs before investing in anything.

Hi Ronit,You can use Microsoft Word on a Chromebook computer only if you have the Microsoft 365 office subscription which gives you access to the online version of MS Word app ( -us/office/how-to-access-microsoft-office-on-a-chromebook-32f14a23-2c1a-4579-b973-d4b1d78561ad).

Should I buy a used Chromebook? I asked myself that question for years. And argued with myself about it. Finally I decided to take the plunge and bought one. Here are the pros and cons to buying a used Chromebook, and what you should look out for to protect yourself.

Follow the instructions on screen to configure the Linux environment (for most people, accepting the default values should be enough). Your Chromebook will then download the tools to create the Linux environment and configure it for you. Behind the scenes, this is actually creating a container running Debian 10, so you get a full Linux distribution to play with!

That having been said, I wouldn't recommend this base model to anyone. The model with 8GB of RAM is clearly the model people should buy, but by the time you add a keyboard to that model you're spending close to $700 and that just doesn't fit the market. You can buy two of the Acer Chromebook Tab 10 units for the same price, and schools are going to notice that sort of thing when it comes to buying for a group. There's also less overhead in setting up and maintaining a Chromebook, which is not a small detail for schools.

"My nine year old macbook is pretty much done (may it rest in peace) and I have an acer chromebook (13", 4gb ram) being delivered today. I have an android phone so i'm kind of used to google's platform. Any must-have apps I should download right away, or any other useful tips / hints i should be aware of? many thanks in advance."

DavidA: "With you having an Android phone, PushBullet is something you should take a look at. It's great for integration between your phone and Chromebook. uBlock origin is a great ad-blocker, and h264ify is a useful extension for YouTube if the videos stutter, which can be common sometimes."

Acer is known for its high-quality laptops and Chromebooks, meaning it offers a lot of options for anyone in the market for a new machine. As such, buyers should prioritize models with the features that are most important. For example, the Acer Chromebook r11 and Acer Chromebook r13 are convertible. This means you can use them as a laptop or as a tablet, depending on preference. Along the same lines, some models feature touchscreens (including the Acer Chromebook r11, Acer Chromebook Spin 13 and Acer Chromebook r13), which may be a requirement for some buyers. 041b061a72


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