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The NatureNet Science Fellows Program has continued to expand and again this year they have opened the fellowship to applicants from all accredited universities with the opportunity to receive research grants.

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Reactions by parents, health care professionals, friends, or teachers to episodes of self-inflicted injury can be highly variable, ranging from dismissal of the behavior as simply a phase to disgust, anger, and fear, or to misinterpretation as suicidal behavior with subsequent inappropriate admission to a psychiatric facility. I am concerned that this latter option will be overutilized if those reading the article or quiz were to presume cutting was equated with suicidal behavior. If the patient does not exhibit suicidal intent or more severe psychopathology, and the method is of low lethality, they would likely be much better served by being linked with a therapist who is experienced in treating this disorder and trained to help them develop more healthy and effective methods of coping with their emotions.

Thank you for participating. Your feedback will form part of the City of Kingston's larger 'Your Stories, Our Histories' public engagement project. Want to keep talking? Want to get involved? We encourage your continued participation in this conversation by signing up for the Your Stories, Our Histories e-mail list.

Was it wrong to attempt to assimilate the indigenous people of Canada? Perhaps, but what was to be done with them. They represented a cross culture, which was totally at odds, with the white race, who had been moved unto their land and who had become obsessed with establishing a new nation. Treaties pave the way for the white race to progressively take over the land, which was relinquished by the indigenous people, because white settlers who abutted indigenous land, would trespass upon it and kill off the wild harvest. Once the game was exhausted the land became useless for... Continue reading

People charged with making decisions know that the more information one has, the better the decision. It was no different in the 1860s and 70s. When John A Macdonald was faced with a decision about what would be best for our indigenous people, he relied on the most up-to-date thinking he could find, and there was a strong feeling at the time that the best outcomes for indigenous people would be found in the Candian mainstream. Add to that the Victorian proclivity for altruism and the decision to create residential schools was one that was intended to benefit the indigenous... Continue reading

I hope this is the correct place for responding to the city's consultations about the recognition of Sir John A. My view is that it is unreasonable to judge the behaviour of historical figures by today's standards. On such a basis, almost no one would measure up because what is acceptable - or unacceptable - is constantly changing. With all his faults (many not relating to the treatment of Natives), Sir John A was the driving force behind the creation of Canada out of four colonies living in the shadow of the USA. Had he not prevailed, had we been... Continue reading

Recently, The Whig Standard had an editorial by Brian Crowley which I thought was cogent concerning the removal of JA Macdonald's statue in Victoria. He opines that reconciliation requires a focus on the future... Continue reading

Spending a lot of time at home inspired me to do a lot of decluttering. In particular, I went through all my old notes, got rid of most of them, and gathered the ones that still seem interesting and relevant (notes from rationality workshops, Hamming worksheets, reflections and so on). I put these into a binder for easy reading, and found it useful for getting a big picture sense of how my attitudes and problems have evolved over time. This has been particularly helpful during the pandemic, when my life has often felt small and repetitive. 041b061a72


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