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During 1999, a complaint was instituted against GeoCities stating that the corporation violated the provisions of the Federal Trade Commission Act, specifically 15 U.S.C. 45, which states in relevant part, "Unfair methods of competition in or affecting commerce, and unfair or deceptive acts or practices in or affecting commerce, are hereby declared unlawful." The FTC found that GeoCities was engaged in deceptive acts and practices in contravention to their stated privacy act. Subsequently, a consent order was entered into which prohibits GeoCities from misrepresenting the purpose for which it collects and/or uses personal identifying information from consumers. A copy of the complaint and order can be found at 127 F.T.C. 94 (page 94).[50]

states i visited.7z

[01:57] It's important to know that order matters here. CSS is designed to have a hierarchy. You can override these states or pseudo classes if things get out of order. They'll do things that you may not expect. It's recommended, if you're going to use any of these pseudo classes, to use link, visited, hover, active, in that order. 041b061a72


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