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[S2E5] Kings Of Thieves

Clementine has an option in conversation to ask if she can accompany the thieves instead of remaining with Kenny. No one will ever find out about it if she asks, since Arvo still puts a bullet in her shoulder before they can get away.

[S2E5] Kings of Thieves

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King Joffrey triggers a citywide riot when protesters throw excrement at him, by demanding that his guards kill them all. Bronn's men are hard-pressed to restore order, and several Gold Cloaks and the High Septon are killed.[14] Bronn achieves a marked reduction in crime by culling the city's known thieves but clashes with Tyrion over the brutality of his methods. Tyrion enlists Bronn to help plan the defense of King's Landing against an impending attack by King Stannis Baratheon. Bronn is dismissive of Tyrion's reliance on books and warns that food is the most important commodity in a siege. He is speaking from personal experience, which is why he rounded up all the known thieves, to prevent them from stealing all the food.[15]

The mech that the characters find themselves trapped inside is similar in structure to the Tomb Guardians from the popular canon video game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. In Fallen Order, ancient robotic creatures are created by the Zeffro to defend their sacred crypts and tombs from thieves and marauders.

Maren was a resident of Chicago, and also the owner and namesake of Maren's Mocha. She first notices a pair of kids hogging her new couch, deliberately leading paying patrons away from it. Eventually, she feels compelled to tell the pair to either leave or order something. Nia, the girl, informs her that the Feng Shui of the entire cafe has been thrown off by the couch, as all the blessing are flowing towards the rest rooms, thus the couch should be moved outside. Maren actually agrees but realizes that a mirror she keeps in the back could be utilized to fix the flow of the room. Later, the boy, Levi, apparently has a seizure and falls on the couch, and his sister rushed to his side at once. While Maren immediately advised calling for the paramedics, Nia stated that he just needed some fresh air, and wanted to move the couch outside, but Maren suggests getting a more portable cot from the back instead. Maren shortly notes that young Levi makes a remarkable recovery. Later two women enter the cafe and are automatically granted access to the couch, thus making it painfully obvious that the quartet are now clearly plotting together Nia again gains Maren's attention to discuss a stale croissant she was served the week before, while subtly turning Maren's vision away from the front entrance. When Maren asks why Nia didn't bring that up last week, she suggests that last week, her family wasn't trying to sneak a couch out her door. Caught, the trio of would-be thieves, stopped their efforts and assumed the most casual poses they could, under the circumstances. Pointing to the coffeepot behind Nia where the reflections of her team's activities were evident. Nia then apologizes to Maren and explains the couch was actually theirs and was offered as a donation by accident. Nia's mother offers Maren $200 for the couch. Maren ponders that since she only paid $50, she will gladly accept the full $200. Surprised the deal was made so easily, Raven tells her friend Chelsea to get the money. Explaining that the couch is her moneybank, Chelsea unzips a cushion and counts out the agreed upon amount and gives it to Maren. "So there was money n the couch, Maren muses to herself. When asked if she would have given the money back, had she known, Maren merely turns away without comment, yet also $150 richer. Maren was played by Shania Accius.

As a child, Black Sheep was raised by a series of nannies from around the world, who gave her a broad education of fundamentals such as reading and writing as well as cultural and geographic exposure. Simply by being raised on an island that trained thieves, she became adept at the techniques practiced at V.I.L.E. academy on her own, despite being the youngest person on the island. Despite the nannies, Brunt and Shadowsan served as parental figures to Black Sheep; Brunt was maternal to her during off time and Black Sheep enjoyed Shadowsan's stories of Japan.

Time passed, and the now teenage Black Sheep began to realize how boring life was on the island and how she wanted to see the world, which a lot of the graduates from V.I.L.E. Academy got to do once they learned how to become international master thieves.

Le Chevre and Tigress descended on the dig site and took out all the personnel as El Topo retrieved the object itself from under the earth. The site manager realized Black Sheep was one of the thieves and tried to take back the Eye of Vishnu, but was cut off by Crackle. He was overpowered and thrown to the ground, at which point Crackle pulled out his EMP rod and attempted to eliminate the dig site manager. Black Sheep dove onto him and wrestled the weapon away as the manager evacuates, his life still intact. Tigress tried to break up the fight but only got smacked with Crackle's weapon when Black Sheep took possession of it. Black Sheep direly tried to get answers out of her friend, but before she could, the Cleaners suddenly appeared from behind and neutralized Black Sheep with chloroform.

The Leverage team forms in Chicago, when Victor Dubenich approaches Nate to manage his team of thieves: Parker, Hardison and Eliot. Nate later adds Sophie, now working as an actress, to the team. The pilot, The Nigerian Job was filmed entirely on location in Chicago. Locations include the Chicago waterfront walkway, The Citadel Center, Millennium Park near the Jay Pritzker Pavilion, and the Loop. 041b061a72


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