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How does chiropractic care work?

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Chiropractic comes from the latin words meaning "done by hand". The goal of chiropractic care if to find abnormalities or subluxations of the spinal column and "adjust" them back into alignment. Think of having a pebble in your shoe, at first that pebble just causes irritation to the affected foot but after time that pebble affects the entire body as your gait and posture changes due to the discomfort of your foot. Left untreated long enough correcting those abnormalities becomes harder as your body has compensated for that pebble. Now think of your horse. There are so many factors that can influence and cause subluxations. Shoes, saddle fit, bits, bridles, footing, conformation, dental health, diet......the list goes on and on. Lucky for us horses are amazing athletes that can "deal" with many of those factors. However we see the negative outcome when these influences add up all too frequently. Lameness, irritability, poor performance, behavioral issues, metabolic issues and again the list goes on. My goal with each chiropractic adjustment is simple; to find and fix any subluxations found. By doing this, your horse can then function, heal and move the way they are meant to.

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