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The Interest Of Love Episode 16 ((FREE))

If they stay together SY is right they will fight and so it is not all roses and puppies as those that stay together know. I think the drama just wants to remind us that it takes patience persistence and forgiveness to make love work.

The Interest Of Love Episode 16

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I was mistaken. If anything, the pace became even more glacial. The characters became increasingly unable to have conversations without each sentence being parceled out into a couple of words at a time with tremendous uncomfortable silences in between. It began to feel as if none of the writers had known that there were a. going to be so many episodes expected or b. that each would need to fill so many minutes.

In the final scenes they both acknowledged that both liked by acknowledging that their own fears prevented them from being together, but also acknowledge they are still interested in one another simply by the fact that they both keep going back to the places that remind them of one another.

He failed to ever acknowledge his love for her and she only saw men as cheaters destroying family. I would have liked her arriving to wedding as a super successful woman in arms of a young handsome super rich man celebrating his love for her in public.

One of the worse kdrama. Unrealistic plot..every episode can be done with half the time. Blank stare..yes, slower than glacier. What high viewership rating..ppl are just curious how bad it can get. It is really bad.

Debbie11/2/23I too was left very frustrated with the ending.After watching 15 episodes would have liked a more definite ending. Instead I was left totally confused and took to the internet reviews to see if it was only me who felt this way. Felt like I had wasted 16 hours watching this. Loved the actors though.

Wasted my Time Definitely! Why made this kind of love stories, low budget?? A very slow acting, lots of walking, cold faces.. at the end it went faster the time, rushing the ending and still walking at the end. This is highly a Flop of ideas and not recommendable ??????????

Quite very dissappointing !!! I watched a lot of k drama with open flat ending.which gave us a clear vision of what ending we would like the story end. Interest Love is very much confusing even from the very start of the 1st 2nd and 3rd episode. At least supposedly the last 2 episode should show something to be excite the audience.The writer and producer is a big failure for me.

Afterward, Su-yeong invites Sang-su for coffee. They catch up, and Su-yeong tells Sang-su that she tries to be happy as best as possible. Sang-su admits he tried to be happy too. Sang-su finally leaves, frustrating this love storyline even further.

As the finale ends, Sang-su and Su-yeong look at each other with love in their eyes before continuing to walk. This time, there is no goodbye to end the night. They have everything they need.

When people are not honest and open about their true feelings it will inevitably lead to regrets! I think Sang Su for the most part tried to be honest with Su- Yeong about his feelings for her. He even went so far as to break up with Mi-Yeong. I was really hoping in the end they would realize their mistakes and start fresh. They both clearly love one another and deserve to be happy.

I was truly disappointed with the ending. The series up to the ending was great and even left viewers with anxious moments because of the many false baits that was magnificently used, but as much as we held on to the hope of a long awaited scene with them finally getting the love between them resolved and a happy ending, we are left with the same open ended relationship they had throughout the entire series. I was truly disappointed in the ending.

I am 69 years old and am an avid K drama fan. I must have watched over 120 serials in the past 3 years. Interest of love was perhaps the mostdifficult to understand in episode 16. The ending was definitely not what viewers like me would have anticipated. One never understood why Sang sudid not listen to the full recording in episode 15. Maybe he didnt care what Se-young did since his love for her was above what she did with other men. Very confusing. If it is left to the viewers imagination to decipher the end in the finale, then they left quite a few loose ends from the start. I would rate this drama 4/10 only because I like both the female lead ( Alchemy of souls S 2) and the Male lead ( Hospital playlist S1 and S2). Sorry but disappointed.

I was so frustrated. As I read these comments , I agree with the feelings of most of those responding. Each episode came on and I thought , this week one of the main characters would profess some sort of a sentence of love. Always left hanging and I wanted to scream-say something! But I kept forging on and waiting. After the final episode, I immediately came to see what the ending was supposed to be to understand it but just now found these responses. I feel comforted to know others were as disappointed as I. The actors were good and not the problem. Not all stories have a happy ending but I would have appreciated one here.

The mini-series revolves around the life of four young adults with different interests working at the Yeongpo branch of KCU Bank. They try to understand the meaning of love as they get closer to each other. As the show is only a couple of weeks from its finale, the viewers are curious about what lies ahead for their favorite characters.

Actor Yoo Yeon Seok recently teased the ending of his ongoing drama The Interest Of Love, which is scheduled to air its next episode on January 25. According to him, the story focuses on realistic romance and takes viewers through heartbreaking scenes.

"I had a wish that the last project I did in my 30s would be a romance—a dream I thought was far-fetched. But when I was reviewing and choosing [my next drama], I found it interesting that The Interest Of Love depicts a realistic love story. It's not a love that has a great background narrative or deals with pain and suffering, but it's so realistic that I found it to be more heartbreaking," the actor shared.

The Interest Of Love episode 16 will air on JTBC Thursday, February 9, at 10.30 pm KST. It will be broadcast live with English subtitles for the non-Korean speaking population on Netflix. The international episode release timings are as below:

While the romance series scored 3.601 percent for its previous episode's rating, "The Interest of Love" episode 16 almost broke its personal best after garnering an average nationwide rating of 3.595 percent.

"The Interest of Love" episode 16 left viewers with an open ending after Soo Young asked Ha sang Soo what he forgot today since they are in the Hill of Oblivion. He smiled and answered nothing as they stare at each other.

Katherine: So if it's not because I'm a woman, then what was it? Because Cheryl and I would really like to know.Dale: It's because a client was uncomfortable.Katherine: Martin Polk was uncomfortable? Martin loves me.Dale: Yes, but he was uncomfortable with Carter.

As their strong gazes meet, they grasp each other tightly and, for the first time, Choi Yoo Jin reveals her true emotions and cries while muttering, "It is like we are one of those happy couples." I literally choked up! Cliche love never gets to me, but a love like this was just too much to handle.

Choi Yoo Jin constantly states how she was won over and fell for Jang Se Joon from the start and was charmed by each and everyone of his moves. Despite becoming torn and bitter from a love gone sour, you can see she always had his best interests in mind and cared deeply for him as she cries on his shoulder and in his arms. Like... I could cry just writing this, y'all.

Over all, 'The K2' had an uncanny way of telling the story of two evils rather than two love interests, which makes it stand out incredibly well in a sea of K-Drama romance. I'd recommend this drama because not only does it contain a lot of great political viewpoints but it also really highlights Girls' Generation's YoonA's improvement in acting and Ji Chang Wook's flexibility in playing characters.

The finale of The Interest of Love picks up the story four years later. Sang-su and Su-yeong move on in their lives, but soon cross paths again. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.

Sang-su went to the beach in Tongyeong and other places he visited with Su-yeong because he has still not healed completely from the pain caused by his first love. The pain is not unbearable, but it is always there.

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"Galentine's Day" is the 16th episode of the second season of the American comedy television series Parks and Recreation, and the 22nd overall episode of the series. It originally aired on NBC in the United States on February 11, 2010. In the episode, Leslie and her boyfriend Justin seek to reunite Leslie's mother, Marlene, with her teenage flame. Meanwhile, April's feelings for Andy continue to bloom, while Ann appears to be growing apart from Mark.

The episode was written by series co-creator Michael Schur and directed by Ken Kwapis. "Galentine's Day" featured a guest appearance by John Larroquette as Frank Beckerson, the long-lost love of Marlene Griggs-Knope, who was played by Pamela Reed. It also featured the last in a string of guest performances by Justin Theroux as Leslie's love interest, Justin Anderson.

According to Nielsen Media Research, "Galentine's Day" was seen by 4.98 million household viewers, which marked a continued improvement in ratings for the series. It tied a record set with the previous episode, "Sweetums", for the season's highest rating among viewers aged 18 to 49. The episode received generally positive reviews, and the fictional holiday has become revered and celebrated in the years after the show's airing. 041b061a72


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