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The race was then on to translate the Greek and use it to unravel the secrets of the other two languages. The legible text confirmed that the three inscriptions were indeed identical in content and related to a decree passed by a council of priests in Memphis regarding the cult of Ptolemy V in the 2nd Century BC. As the timeframe between the excavation of the stone in 1799 and Champollion's eureka moment in 1822 suggests, however, the code-cracking challenge proved harder than anticipated. What was more, contrary to his belief, Champollion had solved only part of the puzzle when he leapt from his chair claiming to have "Got it!"

Rosetta stone german crack

Rosetta Stone requires a headset with a microphone for speech recognition and an online account. Online subscriptions provide unlimited web, smartphone or tablet access for three, six, 12 or 36 months ranging from $129-$499, though a current special reduces those prices from $99-$249. The CD version currently is reduced from $399 to $229 for three lesson levels or $179 for one level. More information is available at


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